Appraisal of
Works by Sorolla

Although it may seem obvious, a painting is worth what it should cost. Every artist has various periods and cases. For this reason, poor, average, good, excellent, and superior works exist for each artist. This will determine the price; so, one piece could cost three, four, or five times more than another seemingly similar piece.

There are several factors that influence the appraisal of a work:

  • Rarity or uniqueness
  • Condition or state of preservation
  • Provenance or origin (previous owners, exhibitions in museums)
  • Trajectory of the artist
  • Technique employed
  • Period
  • Non-artistic aspects (for example, the supports)

If you have an authentic Sorolla, we are ready to appraise it, whatever the reason. Our appraisals meet the requirements of USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). As a result, they can be used for any legal or official purpose, including the following examples:

  • Insurance
  • Tax-deductible donations
  • Selling a work
  • Buying a work
  • Divorces
  • Inheritances
  • Financial loans
  • Dissolving of partnerships
  • Any legal action

Insurance companies, specialists, lawyers, private collectors, exhibition organizers, museums, and different state organizations are found among our clients.